Brazilian Jiu Jitsu builds a character!

Kids learn valuable life lessons and martial arts skills that will help them rise to challenges instead of shy away from them. 

They will develop respect for themselves and for others. 

They will learn to relate their hard work to accomplishments they can be proud of.

They will learn how to commit themselves to a task and see it through to its completion.

They will learn patience and humility, dignity and respect.

These skills will help to build the character necessary to be a contributing member of their communities as well as conquer many obstacles both on and off the mat. 

Kids have fun with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Our instructors love teaching kids. As Jiu jitsu practitioners, we know no greater joy then sharing this art with people.

Young people make this especially rewarding because we have the opportunity to play while learning valuable skills.

Classes include a variety of games and tasks that teach teamwork, increase physical flexibility and strength and use the intense energy that kids are never in short supply of. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches equality.

We do not separate kids into categories in our classes.

This means that your child will get a chance to train with different types of partners (heavy, light, strong, less strong, fast, slow, beginner, advanced, expert, younger, older, etc etc etc).

There is no better way to become good at BJJ than to train as much as you can with various types of BJJ partners.

That is what family does; helps every member to be at their best!

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